Valvole a cartuccia

Le valvole a cartuccia overcenter Hydreco controllano il movimento di un attuatore idraulico (cilindro o motore).

Valvole a cartuccia

The Hydreco overcenter cartridge valves controls the movement of an hydraulic actuator (cylinder or motor), specifically:

• Safe locking of actuator with directional valve in idle position (or with pump stopped).

• Controlled movements of the actuator when the load is descending. Due to the presence of the pilot line, the velocity of the actuator is always due to the flow rate from the pump, even in the case of dragging load, cavitation phenomena that can cause serious accidents due to loss of control are avoided.

• They limit the maximum pressure in the service due to any shocks, overloads or abrupt maneuvers.

• They allow free rise of the load thanks to a built-in one-way valve. 

Depending on model, operating pressures are up to 350 bar and flow ratings up 150 litres/min.