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Our History

100 years of Hydraulics Experience

Engineering Office  

Hydreco Hydraulics is the designer, manufacturer and distributor of products servicing the transport and mobile hydraulics sector. Hydreco has a combined history of 100 years in developing solutions through a rich heritage of legacy companies.

The joining of David Brown Hydraulics, Powauto and Hydreco in 1997 brought together some of themost respected products, people and heritage brands in the business.

Tool Room  

Engineering excellence is at the core of our organization, the product range is geared towards offering the best possible solution for many applications within Construction, Earth moving, Transport, Industrial, Materials handling, and many more. We pride ourselves on supporting customers through leading edge products, designed to provide optimum performance and extensive reliability in continual hard working applications. With innovative technology our products have evolved and developed, leading to a range of some of the highest quality products available in the market place. The business is positioned to respond to your hydraulic needs through a worldwide network of manufacturing and sales facilities.

Hydreco has an extensive range of low noise helical gear, aluminium and cast iron gear pumps and standard spur gear models from its David Brown heritage. Its valve range covers multi-spool sectional and monoblock models with electro hydraulic, hydraulic and lever control. Dual axis, stackable and single axis hydraulic pilot valves, with an extensive range of handle options including ergonomic handles with many switches and button options. The valves are available with spring centred and electric detent options.

Under the name Hydreco Powauto, with heritage back to 1928, we sell our range of Transport hydraulics products. The product range covers power take-off units, pumps, valves, cylinders and accessories for on and off road vehicles. This World Class brand possesses a strong footprint in Asia Pacific building on its excellent reputation.