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Oil & Gas
Process valves

Process valves

From extraction wells to transport pipelines within refineries and subsequently to destination sites, hydrocarbons cross numerous process valves.

Along gas and oil pipelines, process valves are installed outdoors, subject to temperatures that can be extreme in some cases, and which are almost never manned. These valves can remain in the open position for extremely long periods of time, ready to act rapidly if it becomes necessary to isolate the line.

In processing plants, in addition to shut-off functionality, there is also regulation, to control the quantity of product required for a specific operation.

Duplomatic solutions include regulators and on-off actuators, tip blocks, positioners and control units for the management of process valves, guaranteeing maximum reliability, precision and control.


  • SIL2 actuators
  • SIL3 trip blocks
  • Components in stainless steel
  • Components with zero leakage
  • Components for low temperatures
  • Hydraulic power units and manifolds in stainless steel


  • Poppet valves
  • Explosion-proof valves
  • Logic elements
  • EWM axis cards


  • Accumulator systems
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Process valves

Robust build, speed, reliability and ease of use are all guaranteed by the quality of the pumps, primary control valves, remote-control valves and joysticks produced by the Duplomatic Group and popular with manufacturers of machinery for the building industry.

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