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FPSO units are large ships anchored off-shore above a well head, that collect and store the crude oil extracted, subsequently transferring it to oil tankers for transport to the refinery or tank farm.

The particularly aggressive environment requires the use of stainless-steel components, which are perfectly sealed and can remain underwater for long periods.

As a component manufacturer, Duplomatic is capable of creating targeted products, also engineered to meet specific requests, in order to satisfy even the most demanding technical requirements.


  • Components in stainless steel
  • Components with zero leakage
  • Components for permanent underwater use
  • Customisable hydraulic manifolds and power units
  • Starter systems
  • Ball bearings with high specific load capacity
  • Customized solutions for every applications
  • anti-wearing treatments and galvanic tratment for high salt spray resistance         
  • Sealing with high wearing resistance and temperature variation resistance                                                                                                                          
  • Special materials with high resistance for low temperature


  • Poppet valves
  • Explosion-proof valves
  • Logic elements
  • Compensated throttle valves
  • Special cylinders


  • Hydraulic manifolds
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Robust build, speed, reliability and ease of use are all guaranteed by the quality of the pumps, primary control valves, remote-control valves and joysticks produced by the Duplomatic Group and popular with manufacturers of machinery for the building industry.

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