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New Product Release - VA87 Series Tipping Valve

New Product Release - VA87 Series Tipping Valve

With the recent arrival of the new VA105 series Single tipping valve, we have also taken the opportunity to update the VA84 series tipping valve; to be known as the VA87 series which will be available alongside the new valve.

So, what is the difference between the VA84 and the VA87?
Well, the dampened version is to be discontinued, however the metering spool from the dampened valve is now the only spool fitted to the VA87. The standard “A” valve now has a cover over the formerly exposed spool end. The “B” version now represents the 2-speed lowering version, in this form the operator can have a slower lowering speed when using solenoid valve actuation. The lowering speed can be adjusted to fine tune the flow through the valve to suit the application/operator requirements.

Once the current stocks of VA84 are depleted they will be replaced by the VA87 counterpart.

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