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New catalogues now available

New catalogues now available QR QX5 WSP


The new catalogs present historical ranges such as QR pumps (spur gears, with displacements ranging from 16 to 220 cc and operating pressure up to 250 bar) and QX5 (helical gears, low noise version, featuring displacements ranging from 23 to 68 cc and a working pressure up to 250 bar) and the more recent WSP 40 and 50 ranges, characterized by displacements from 12 to 88 cc and operating pressure up to 350 bar.

All the above pumps are available in single and multiple versions, with a wide connection range thanks to a extensive choice of shafts and flanges.

All Hydreco pumps are designed to provide high volumetric efficiency, long life as well as low noise emissions.








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