Tailgate and dolly lock air cylinder kits

Tailgate and dolly lock air cylinder kits

Air operated tailgate and dolly lock cylinder and valve combination kits are now available from Hydreco.


Made to the common industry size of 63mm bore by 150mm stroke, these cylinders have a pilot operated 5/2 valve plumbed directly into the ports allowing a simple two tube connection. Available in two different configurations of pilot air to open the cylinder and pilot air to close the cylinder (common for Dolly Lock operation).


The cylinder is also furnished with a rear female mounting bracket and a matching female rod end clevis. This allows for a familiar and easy installation via two pins and circlips.


CNX63-150AP-TG Cylinder/Valve Combo – Pilot to Open


CNX63-150AP-DL Cylinder/Valve Combo – Pilot to Close

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