HY Series available in Australia

We're excited to announce that our latest shipment of HY1 and HY2 pumps has arrived, bringing a range of options to meet your diverse hydraulic needs.

These pumps, made of aluminum and cast iron, are available in groups 1, 2, offering a wide range of options for industrial and commercial needs.

HY series pumps are known for their reliability and optimal performance in a variety of applications.

With this new availability, customers in Australia will have immediate access to these high-quality pumps, designed to tackle the most demanding challenges in liquid transfer.

 Our stocked range includes: 

- HY1 Euro Flange and Tapered Shaft

- HY1 Intermediate pumps

- HY2 Euro Flange and Tapered Shaft

- HY2 SAE A Flange and 5/8” Keyed Shaft

- HY2 SAE A Flange and 9 Tooth Spline Shaft

- HY2 Intermediate pumps 

Whether you're in construction, agriculture, or industrial applications, these pumps are engineered to deliver performance and reliability, ensuring seamless operations for your projects.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your hydraulic systems with our latest offerings!


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