Hydreco Hydraulics Italia: Pioneers in Off-Highway Production

In the current context, producing components for the Off-Highway market means not only meeting high quality and reliability standards but also adapting to the growing demands for sustainability and energy efficiency. Hydreco Hydraulics Italia stands out by offering a wide range of products, as customers today seek complete solutions rather than individual isolated components.

Our offering ranges from low-noise helical gear pumps, available in aluminum and cast iron, to models with standard straight tooth gears. The range of directional control valves, including modular and monoblock models, provides a wide choice of options, including electro-hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic, and manually operated controls. Our manipulators, hydraulic and electric, with single or double axis, modular and equipped with various ergonomic handles, offer highly customized solutions. For the actuation of machine movement functions, customers have the capability to produce double-acting cylinders to specification. Since joining Daikin Industries in June 2022, we have access to greater resources and technologies to further enhance our offering, reaffirming our commitment to providing cutting-edge products. Learn more about the new Hydreco products.

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