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Electrical Proportional Joystick

Electrical remote controls PERCJ

  • Dual axis joystick with either analogue voltage,
  • PWM current output signal options
  • Wide range of handle options
  • Compact size
  • PWM integral card
  • 100% functional tested

Product Description:

Electrical remote control joystick for mobile applications hydraulic systems. The control can be either operate as a potentiometer function or use an inbuilt PWM card. The PWM output signal is adapted from an easy to use software (PC).


Input voltage range 8V to 30V
Maximum input current 180 mA at 24V
Output voltage range (A5V option) 0.5 : 5V (with 2.5V in neutral position)
Output current range (PWM option) 400-1600 mA (12VDC) – 200-800 mA (24VDC)
Out of centre position sensor Included as standard feature
Life >5 million cycles
Operating temperature –40C : 85C