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Knobs, Levers and Handles MFE

Handles, Levers, Knob options for all pilot valves and joysticks An extensive range of control handles and knobs including the multi-functional ergonomic range with its comprehensive switch and push button options.


Multifunctional Ergonomic Handle with Extended Button and Switch Panel MFE2

The handle is fully customizable with a wide range of digital and analogue controls, to meet customer needs. Now the free space has been increased to control more function on mobile machines. Safety functions can be managed with standard safety trigger switch or using the Safe system, with a capacitive sensor that allow to control safety function in a comfortable way.


Multifunctional Ergonomic Handle with Inbuilt Safety Grip Function SafeTgrip

A very compact and efficient solution that fits all current pilot valves and joysticks and has all the components built into the HYDRECO handle structure. This has the advantage that the user does not need any extra space for the new solution and no additional assembly is required. Capacitive sensor technology does not require any mechanical parts enabling a very compact and space-efficient digital switch package well encapsulated in the actual handle. By inbuilt redundancy circuits, an enhanced safety is captured. Modern electronic component size and ‘intelligence’ gives inbuilt diagnostic functions that enable the improved safety, along with a maximum input/output current of 3A and nominal control voltage of 12 or 24V. A machine may be used by various operators, therefore the system recognises the user through a self-calibrating system.

Supply Voltage (cont) 12 and 24 Volts
Max voltage (peak) 30 Volts
Rated Current 3.0 Ampere
Temperature range -40 to +80C
Humidity 100% rel.

  • safeTgrip benefits
  • SAFETY! Cannot be overridden since there is no switch to manipulate.
  • SELF SCANNING - There is no adjustments needed by the user or machine builder since the device adjust itself to the environment at start-up which leads to increased reliability.
  • DOUBLE REDUNDANCY - With this feature you get improved reliability and it reduces risk of future issues. It is truly a safe trustworthy device that personalizes the phrase “Fit & forget”. Virtually no future maintenance will be required.
  • SELF CONTAINED CONTROLS IN HANDLE No extra space is required outside the handle for additional control boards that could require additional assembly and additional cables. This solution has lower total cost than such products. Since it fits current equipment it is easy to replace old models and it simplifies maintenance.
  • CONTROL CURRENT = 3 AMPS. No need for a relay in majority of applications simplifying the signal circuitry.
  • EFFORT FREE AND COMFORTABLE FOR USER - Reduces risk of operator fatigue since there is no button to push. This in turn leads to improved safe operation of machine. Operator feels no stress in hands which enables limitation of risk for future problems/issues/injuries. Giving same level of working comfort whole day.
  • WORKS WITH OR WITHOUT GLOVES ON - Keep your hands protected at all times and reduces uncertainty of switch being operated or not.
  • NO MOVING PARTS IN SAFETY CIRCUIT - No moving part that potentially can break and there is no trigger to put tape around... therefore it cannot be overridden.... leading to improved safety on a device with smooth surface making it cleanable and potentially more hygienic.