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Hydraulic Sectional Valves

  • High Performance Valves with large application range.
  • Cast iron bodies suitable for high pressure applications.
  • On/Off & proportional directional control valves with electronic controls.
Product Specification Weight

Hydraulic Valves 033 Sectional

This product is rated at 150 litre/min and can sensibly be used down to 80 litre/min. 033 sectional valves are versatile, being sectional in construction and can be built in assemblies ranging from one to ten sections, with a wide variety of spool options and controls ranging from manual to pilot hydraulic to electro-hydraulic.

250 bar 115 l/min

Hydraulic Valves Q Series

  • High technical performances grant larger application range
  • Special high resistance cast iron body suited for high working pressures
  • Nickel-plated spools, allow high pressure and long life
  • Design and careful manufacturing lead to low cross port leakage
  • Spools are interchangeable between monoblock and sectional valves
  • The control side of the valve can be moved to the other side, which permits unification, versatility and low inventory requirement
  • A unique “Y”-shape permits high flow with low pressure drop
  • Standard parallel circuits allow for simultaneous operation with optimized metering that enhances performance

Pressure max bar: 350 (varies by size) Valve Type: Monoblock & Sectional # of spools: 1-10
Sectional Valves
325-375 bar max working pressure
30-130 litre