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P Series Bent Axis Piston Pump

  • HIGH PRESSURE (350 BAR) Maximum performance of hydraulic systems.
  • REAR PORTS Easier placement of hydraulic lines
  • VERSATILE POSITIONING Can be placed in any one of four orientations
  • LOW WEIGHT Ease of installation & maintenance
  • DOUBLE SHAFT SEALS Ensures leak proof operation
  • EASE OF ROTATION CHANGE Simple alternate rotation selection.

Product Description: The bent axis P Series pump is ideal for applications requiring high pressures with confined spaces. Manufactured from high strength alloy and cast iron, this pump is designed for equipment such as cranes, aerial platforms, hook-lift loaders and compactors. The 40 Degree axis shift allows for installations in compact spaces. Compatible with similar "Industry Standard" bent axis piston pumps, this range is available with the traditional 'DIN' mount or 'Powauto' mount for the smaller sizes. Although this pump is uni directional in operation, a simple 180 degree rotation of the rear cover changes the pump from 'O' to 'S' rotation.

Specification: 50 to 108 cc/r and pressures from 300 to 350 bar continous