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Telescopic Cylinders for Underbody Applications

  • Hydreco telescopic cylinders derived from everlasting classic design.
  • Bottom cross tube double supported and enlarged bottom cover for maximum strength.
  • Grease nipples for problem free bottom mount and rod eye lubrication.
  • Seamless high tensile steel tubes for maximized operating durability.
  • Top of the line precision machining and tolerances.
  • All moving stage exposed surfaces hard-chromed and polished for maximized durability and longevity of operating life.
  • Screw down Vee-packing system for ease of maintenance and simplicity of use.
  • Maximized bearing overlap for operating stability.
  • Rugged modern nylon US produced bearings for long time endurance.
  • Maximized operating life from modern nylon bearing design.
  • Maximized uptime design.
Product Specification Weight

Underbody Hydraulic Hoist Cylinders

The UBB and UBE series hoist is manufactured from the highest quality hot rolled seamless tube, machined to exacting tolerences.  They are designed for the most demanding applications for tipper bodies on both trucks and trailers.