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Product Specification Weight

Power Take Off PA414

  • 0.752- 0.896 REDUCTION RATIO (depending on transmission)
    For very high torque at the output shaft
  • Constant mesh
    With heavy duty bearings for longer life
    To suit many vehicle configurations

The PA414 Series PTO is a compact redesign of the PA404 Series PTO to offer easier fitment to the transmission. The specifications are unchanged and the PTO is still available with either SC or SP type gears for coverage of the full range of Mitsubishi transmissions, including the M05, M06 and M07 Series. The PTO is only available in airshift operation, and is available with hydraulic or mechanical outputs.

Intermittent duty 380 to 387Nm
Power take off for Mitsubishi M05/060S6/M070S6 transmissions



MITSUBISHI/FUSO MO35S5 PA556 singel gear side mounted air shift power take-off